News  ยป  Saturday Rosetti Marino deliver a new anchor handling tug to Augusta Offshore

Saturday Rosetti Marino delivers a new anchor handling tug to Augusta Offshore

Next Saturday at 11.30 am, at the shipyard Rosetti San Vitale in Ravenna, the Rosetti Marino Spa will deliver the new anchor handling tug Almisan Augusta Offshore SpA, a Neapolitan company of the shipping group CA.FI.MA. . This is an innovative tool features, in particular, advanced fire protection technology, marked by class notation "Fire Fighting 2", with a flow of water to put out fires three times those of firefighting units of similar size.

The new ship, which has a deadweight of 1,230 tonnes, is 52.5 meters long, 15 meters wide and has a maximum power of 8,000 kW which corresponds to approximately 10,800 hp which allow a maximum speed of almost 15 knots and a shooting power of more than 140 tons.The Almisan provides housing and services for up to a maximum of 23 people including crew and personnel specialized in the maneuvers.

Rosetti Marino reported that the construction of this ship, the contract value of over € 20 million, required the use of more than 33,000 hours of management and approximately 200,000 manhours to activities developed by the building and equipping a large number of suppliers and subcontractors, most of Ravenna, coordinated by the project management business unit of the Naval Construction Rosetti Marino, directed by engineer Cesario Mondelli, with the supervision of the RINA classification - Italian Naval Register.

Almisan is the eighth  shipbuilding made by Rosetti Marino for the group CA.FI.MA. which, since 2002, have been delivered tugs Capo Faro, Capo d'Orlando, Megrez, Merak, and Decruz Acrux and the Platform Supply Vessel UT755L Ace Twenty-five. Rosetti Marino is currently underway to build a ninth unit (C.107) for the group CA.FI.MA. which will be of even greater power and size (it will, among other things, equipped with a winch pulling force of up to 500 tons).